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Hi, my name is Marcus and I am the man behind the curtain at M2 MKTG. Like many other millennials, I entered the workforce in the aftermath of the Great Recession. This meant that many businesses in Louisiana were still struggling financially, and were very hesitant to spend precious marketing dollars on this new “internet marketing” thing. This meant that I had to become an expert at coming up with unique ideas to help businesses make money. 

Little did I know it at the time, but those challenges I faced wracking my brain for novel and profitable ideas to get my clients to buy from me was actually developing my superpower, and honing that skill over the course of the next eight years. During that time, I had hundreds of hour-long client consultations and spent thousands of hours developing bespoke marketing plans across dozens of different industries(and most of them didn’t even buy).

After I discovered my passion for being my own boss, I learned that by leveraging all of the consultations I’ve had in the past, I am able to bring a vast amount of knowledge from past success and failure to each new client meeting. This gives me the novel superpower of being able to provide any size business, from a local gourmet market to a startup launching a product internationally, a concrete and actionable strategy that will produce results. 

How it all started

Everyone loves a good origin story


Digital Marketing Career Launched

I began my career with the 8th largest digital media organization in the country. Advance digital invested heavily in employee training to prepare for the world we have now. It was here that I was able to learn the foundations of marketing on the internet, and had the opportunity to see exactly how digital campaigns worked, and what happened to them by making educated decisions based on data.


Became Senior Digital Sales Specialist

My time at Raycom allowed me to move into a management role and gain a greater understanding of what effective leadership looks like. During this time I also discovered my passion for entrepreneurship.  Like Advance, Raycom invested heavily in their employee’s knowledge & training in the ever changing digital landscape. 


M2 MKTG Was Founded

In the spring of 2019, I left Raycom to start my own digital agency. I was able to take my experience of back end data analytics & campaign design, and marry it to the lessons in leadership and sales from my time at Raycom. Today, I apply every lesson I learned, and all of my previous client consultations to each and every business owner I speak with to uncover perspective that they have not been exposed to before.